Welcome to the home of Billy and the Kidd

Who are Billy and the Kidd, you may wonder. Well, they are a musical duo who are directing their musical talents to the elementary school system. Both have backgrounds in several musical genres, and both are vocalists as well as instrumentalists. They bring an eclectic array of musical sensiblities to the table and are focusing their energies on this project called "Billy and The Kidd".

A typical one hour show consists of both education and entertainment. Every tune has a message, and they try to leave the students with not only a sense of being entertained, but with a new awareness of curriculum based goals. The show is interactive and participation is not only encouraged, but it is part of the experience.

The show has been designed as a support for the primary and junior arts curriculum, including character education. Learning material is supplied to teachers, in the form of a teacher activity package.

The Kidd has played music professionally for more than 30 years and also teaches guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin and most anything with strings and frets. He has a degree in computer sciences and has been an I.T. Manager in a corporate setting, but the lure of musical endeavours has always drawn him back to live performance

Billy began his professional performance career in the 1970's. He is a singer/songwriter who plays piano. He is a retired educator who taught every level from K-12 during a 30 year career. His classroom management and communication skills contribute to the creation of an effective learning experience.

Put on some comfy shoes and get ready for a fun-filled show.